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It was after listening to a debate on the trinity I decided to study it out.I was trinitarian myself but after hearing the debate which was with a modalist,I felt somehow that neither were correct.It was then,at the end of June that I found this article”Testing the Trinity”on the old website after doing a google search on how the trinity doctrine came about.I bookmarked it and read and reread it for an entire weekend and refer to it still. It really opened my eyes and I appreciate the spirit in which it was written. I’ve argued with JW’s a few times through the years who make some of the same points but always seemed to denigrate Christ.This article didn’t turn me off but brought conviction of the truth that was hard to deny. After years of attending churches on and off but not reading the Bible,I now am in love with God,Jesus Christ,and His word once again. Thanks for the courage and conviction to share the truth in love. Andrew AD
Testing the Trinity
The religious spirit seeks to replace the Holy Spirit as the source of spiritual life. This is every Christian’s battle! When we are truly joined to Christ, unstoppable living waters flow out of our innermost beings. The more that we can get free of the religious spirit, the purer and clearer these waters will be.
— Rick Joyner


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