Can Science Disprove the Existence of God?

With a statement like that, often it is good to replace a few words to remove bias to see how it looks. e.g., "Can Science Disprove the Existence of life outside our planet?" The short answer is no. Science cannot look under every rock in every body of the universe and in all time too. And the Universe may be one of many universes for all we know. For the same reason plus more, (outside creation or time for example), science will never be able to disprove God. Science simply means knowledge and we are not all knowing.
The religious spirit seeks to replace the Holy Spirit as the source of spiritual life. This is every Christian’s battle! When we are truly joined to Christ, unstoppable living waters flow out of our innermost beings. The more that we can get free of the religious spirit, the purer and clearer these waters will be.
— Rick Joyner


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